Power Amplifier using TOSHIBA TA 8210

This Single IC Power amplifier (2 Channel) designed for Car Stereo Applications.
Single IC is capable of driving 20W per channel.
Beauty of this IC is it require very less external components. Not even coupling capacitors are not required for output.

Full Data Sheet is available from Toshiba's site.
If  TA 8210 is not available in your electronic shop. there are couple of known equivalent : KIA6210 and KA22103. They are pin to pin compatible.

There are few alternatives which you can consider from TOSHIBA. but they are not equivalents.
TA 8205   (18 watts x 2channles)
TA 8254   (45 watts x 2 channels)
TA 8776   (35 watts x 4 channels)

Last weekend i completely overhauled my car stereo to have only this IC
(just as a power amplifier for my portable MP3 player)
See below video of the same: